Assalam Aalikum Everyone ^_^

I hope that you all had a good summer and are enjoying the nice cool weather that October is bring us. I have been up to a lot the passed month or so and it’s has been so much fun. I have spent a lot of time cooking and gardening, but now that it’s cooling down a little faster than I thought, I brought my plants indoors already.

Gerbera Daisy with Dew Drops

My husband had gotten me a Gerbera Daisy  over the summer and it ended up giving me over 5 Daisies. They were so beautiful.  But when the flower had reached the end of it’s blooming it grew a big puff ball of seeds, kind of like what a dandilion does.

Unknown Tree Taken 07-04-2012

what I thought was a Gerbera Daisy sprout from one of the falling seeds, was actually a TREE!! Surprised smile  Island with palm tree Not sure what kind it is. But right now it’s so tall and big! You guys have to see the comparison. It’s crazy. The sprout was taken 07-04-2012, and the other photo in Sept. 16th 2012.

Garden with Tree- 09-16-2012
Japanese Curry Rice









As for cooking, I have tried out some Japanese recipes. My husband and I love Japanese culture. Recently I made Japanese Curry Rice, it’s very popular in Japan. It was so good and easy to make! They use an Asian Curry Mix. It’s not like normal curry, it’s more sweet in taste. They have a number of different brands, but the most popular are House Vermont Curry and Golden Curry. I couldn’t find the House Vermont Curry, but Wal-mart had the Golden Curry.  I recommend Med Hot, it’s not spicy at all but give a lot more flavor. I’ll try and post a video of how I make it, because everyone makes it different.

Homemade Sushi with Crab Meat and Salmon!
I also made some Sushi! The ones they have at at my local super-market are good, but very expensive. So I had to learn how to make it at home. And it came out so good! The only hard part is probably mixing the Sushi vinegar with the short grain rice.  Bowl
Smiling Blue Cat Porcelain Noodle Bowl

October 4th was my 7th year Wedding Anniversary Red heart Alhamdulillah! (Praise and Thanks to God), I can hardly believe it’s been that long. Since my husband is a big fan of Japanese Culture, I got him a Japanese Smiling Blue Cat Porcelain Noodle Bowl    Cat face It’s so cute! I got myself a pink one. But I made the mistake of telling him that I had a surprise for him but that he had to wait a couple of weeks. He was so curious and wanted to know what it was.  So I gave in because I felt bad that I had said anything to begin with, lol. HE LOVED IT.  Then I got him a matching Smiling Blue Cat Porcelain Deep Dish“, and this time I didn’t say anything. Winking smile   He was so surprised and LOVED IT!  I got myself the same one to go with my bowl.

Apple Tree with my friend Amy in the background (left)

So this passed weekend my husband and I went with some friends to a local orchard and went apple picking. It was so much fun! I have never been apple picking before and they had so much to choose from.

Pumkin Patch (these are best used for carving)
They also had a pumpkin patch and I picked up two Sugar Pumpkins so I can make pumpkin puree for my Pumpkin Pies! I can’t wait to bake them this week.  I will try and make a video of me doing it so I can show you how I do make it, Insha’Allâh.
Sugar Pumpkins (Best for making Pumpkin Puree)
      Well I guess that about does it for now. I pray that you all are enjoying the cool/cold weather and that you all have a fun and safe holiday season. Insha’Allâh ♥

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