A life less traveled 

A chilly night,Full of stars and moonlight,

Not a sound to be heard,

Only the smell of burning leafs in the distance. 
As I lay in my bed,

The covers pulled up to my chest; Protecting my body from the cold of nightfall. 
I pounder of what is to become of me. The mysteries of life still unknown and will always remain unknown. 
Many roads present itself,

Only I travel the roads that are more dangerous, more untraveled by everyone else. 
As I cross onto unknown territory, my soul burns. 

Craving a desire that is has yet to be discovered. 

And while I’m on my journey I hope to awaken a passion, a demon, a desire. 
Life is truly fascinating and yet, unforgiving. Will I never be satisfied with the path I choose? Or will I be deemed to wonder in search of new adventures and experiences? 
I guess here… lays the beauty that is called life.

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