Ignorance causes chaos, not Knowledge.

I've noticed the more open I am about my faith the more people unfriend/unfollow me. That's fine. Can't control that. I realize that for most of you on my friends list, I'm the only Muslim you know. Like Christianity, Islam is not a Race. Christianity originated from Arabia, just like Islam. Moses came with the … Continue reading Ignorance causes chaos, not Knowledge.

We don’t worship the same God

Assalam Alaikum Y'all!Hopefully you all are enjoying what is the new normal in our lives. I pray that things go back to the way it was, Insha'Allâh.Today's ➡️ S1E2 on Southern Muslimah I have my husband with me as a co-host and we talk about various topics. One of them being the statement I hear … Continue reading We don’t worship the same God