Ignorance causes chaos, not Knowledge.

I've noticed the more open I am about my faith the more people unfriend/unfollow me. That's fine. Can't control that. I realize that for most of you on my friends list, I'm the only Muslim you know. Like Christianity, Islam is not a Race. Christianity originated from Arabia, just like Islam. Moses came with the … Continue reading Ignorance causes chaos, not Knowledge.

What does the name الله ‘Allâh’ really mean?

God's name in Arabic I would like to share with you what the word “Allah” really means and how “Allah” is the God of all Arahamic Faiths. I feel that it is only fair to say that if someone wants to learn about Islam than that person should go to Islamic Scholars and not haters. … Continue reading What does the name الله ‘Allâh’ really mean?