Can you solve this? ;)

See if you can solve it! xD

1. There are 5 different colored houses
2. Each house is occupied by a person of a different nationality than the other
3. Each person prefers a different drink, smokes a different type of cigarettes, and owns a different type of pet
4. Non of the neighbors drink the same drink, smokes the same brand of cigarettes nor has the same type of pet

Relating Info.

The British lives in the Red House
The Swedish has a Dog
The Danish drinks Tea
The Green House is on the left side of the White House
The person living in the Green House drinks Coffee
The person smoking Pall Mall owns a Bird
The person living in the Middle House drinks Milk
The person living in the Yellow House smokes Dunhill
The Norwegian lives in the First House
The person smoking Marlboro lives next to the person who owns a Cat
The person who has a Horse lives next to the one smoking Dunhill
The person smoking Winfield drinks Beer
The Norwegian lives next to the Blue House
The German smokes Rothman’s
The person who smokes Marlboro has a neighbor who drinks Water


1. Define the color, nationality, pet, drink and type of cigarettes of each
2. Which one has a Fish as a pet?

This is no prank, there is a solution for this.


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